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Kung Fu & Wushu Para todo lo relacionado con el Kung Fu & Wushu.

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Antiguo 05-09-2017, 13:34
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wing chun - wing tsun - ving tsun - forms

Wing Chun, 詠春, or 咏春 is a Chinese martial art that emphasizes short-range combat. There are alternative romanizations such as "Ving Tsun?". Note that "WingTsun", "Wing Tzun?", and "Wing Tjun" are associated with the respective lineages of Leung Ting, Emin Boztepe?, and Sergio Iadarola? and should not be used generically.

Forms and San Sik

Forms are a meditative, solitary exercise which develop self-awareness, balance, relaxation and sensitivity. Form's also train the practitioner in the fundamental movement and the correct force generation of Wing Chun.
San Sik (translated as Separate Forms) are compact in structure. They can be loosely grouped into three broad categories: 1) Focus on building body structure through basic punching, standing, turning, and stepping drill's. 2) Fundamental arm cycle's and changes, firmly ingraining the cardinal tool's for interception and adaptation. 3) Sensitivity training and combination techniques.
It is from the forms and san sik that all Wing Chun techniques are derived. Depending on lineage, the focus, content and intent of each form can have distinct differences which can therefore have far reaching implication's. This also means that there are a few different idea's concerning what constitutes progression in the curriculum from form to form, so only a general description of overlap between different schools of thought is possible here.
The most commonly seen Wing Chun generally comprises six forms:
three empty hand form's,
two weapons forms
and one "wooden dummy" form.

Empty Hand

• Siu Lien Tao (小念頭; pinyin: xiǎo ni�n t�u; "little idea","little training in the begining","detailed training in the begining" or "little imagination". Alternately romanized Siu Lim Tao, Siu Nim Tao,Sil Lum Tao)
The first and most important form in Wing Chun. Siu Lien Tao is the foundation or "seed" of the art from which all succeeding forms and techniques depend. Fundamental rules of balance and body structure are developed here and alternately elbow force. Using car analogy; for some branches this would provide the chassis, for others this is the engine.

• Chum Kiu (尋橋; pinyin?: x�n qi�o; "seeking the bridge". Alternately "sinking bridge" pinyin?: chen qi�o; )
The second form Chum Kiu focuses on coordinated movement of body mass and entry techniques to "bridge the gap" between practitioner and opponent and move on to disrupt their structure and balance. Close-range attac's using the elbows and knees are also developed here. It also teaches methods of recovering position and centreline when in a compromised position where Siu Lien Taostructure has been lost. For some branches bodyweight in striking is a central theme, whether it be from pivoting (rotational) or stepping (translational). Likewise for some branches, this form provides the engine to the car. For branches who use the "sinking bridge" interpretation, the form takes on more emphasis of an "uprooting" context adding multi-dimensional movement and spiraling to the already developed engine.

• Biu Jee (鏢指; pinyin?: biāo zhǐ; "darting fingers" or "thrusting fingers" Alternately romanized Biu Jee, Bil Gee, Bil Jee, Biu Tze)
The third form Biu Jee is comprised of extreme short-range and extreme long-range techniques, low kicks and sweeps, and "emergency techniques" to counter-attack when structure and centreline have been seriously compromised, such as when the practitioner is seriously injured. As well as pivoting and stepping developed in Chum Kiu, a third degree of freedom involving more upper body and stretching is developed for more power. For some branches this is the turbo-charger of the car. For others it can be seen as a "pit stop" kit that should never come in to play, recovering your "engine" when it has been lost or refered to as "emergency hand" or Gao Sau?"saving hand". Still other branches view this form as imparting deadly "killing" and maiming techniques that should never be used if you can help it. A common wing chun saying is "Biu Jee doesn't go out the door." Some interpret this to mean the form should be kept secret, others interpret it as meaning it should never be used if you can help it or even that Biu Jee Technique doesnt go beyond the Gate of the body.

Wooden Dummy

• Muk Yan Jong (木人樁; pinyin?: m�r�nzhuāng; "wooden dummy" or " wooden man post" Alternately romanized: (Mook Yan Jong)
The Muk Yan Jong form is performed against a "Wooden Dummy?", a thick wooden post with three arms and a leg mounted on a slightly springy frame representing a stationary human opponent. Although representative of a human opponent, the dummy is not a physical representation of a human, but an energetic one. Wooden dummy practice aims to refine a practitioner's understanding of angles, positions, footwork and to develop full body power. It is here that the open hand forms are pieced together and understood as a whole.

Variations in the empty hand forms

The Tang, Lo, and Dong/Chu families (Weng Chun) and Nguyễn Tế-C�ng(Modern non Chinese version of Yuen Chai Wan's branches use different curriculum of empty hand forms. Fung Chun and Fung Sang lineages both trace their origins to Leung Jan's retirement to his native village of Kulo, where he taught a curriculum of San Sik.

The Siu Lien Tao (Little First Training) of Cho Ga Wing Chun is one long form that includes movements that are comparitive to a combination of Siu Lien Tao, Chum Kiu, and Biu Jee of other families. The other major Wing Chun forms of the style are Sui Da ("Random Striking"), Chui Da ("Chase Striking"), Fa Kuen ("Variegated Fist"), Jin Jeung ("Arrow Palm"), Jin Kuen ("Arrow Fist"), Sup Saam Sao ("Thirteen Hands"), and Chi Sao Lung ("Sticking Hands Set").
Miniatura de Adjuntos
Wing chun - wing tsun - ving tsun  - forms-wing-chun-dragon-.jpg  

Lo mejor para definir: El Entrenamiento Turbulento

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¿De qué van estos mensajes? Este foro es para hispanohablantes.
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Antiguo 05-09-2017, 17:53
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¿De qué van estos mensajes? Este foro es para hispanohablantes.
Hola Carlosblack !!

Que tal !!!???

El idioma internacional en internet es el Ingles !!!

Son todas las formas del wing chun, poco a poco ya los ire traduciendo al Español !!!

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Antiguo 05-09-2017, 20:41
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¿Podrías combinar todo en un hilo?

1- Es más fácil seguirlo.
2- No acaparas espacio con un mismo tema.
3- No hay riesgo de que hilos interesantes pero antiguos se pierdan por la saturación de tus hilos, que hasta ahora sólo este tiene algo de contenido.
4- Spanish, you damn hooligan. This a Spanish Forum, the least you can effing do is translate the content before posting. Be POLITE. Spamming the forum is not polite.

Definiendo con el Entrenamiento Turbulento

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chun, forms, tsun, ving, wing

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